• How is the weather forecast generated?

    Our real-time computing systems continuously collect and analyze gigantic portions of data from multiple trusted sources. All this data is being processed, compacted and indexed. Then we combine this super-accurate and relevant weather information with user's exact location to provide our the most accurate weather forecast.

  • Why do I need to share my location in browser just to see the weather forecast?

    Unbelievable level of quality and accuracy is the core value of our team. Undoubtedly, weather highly depends on both time and location. That's why we use atomic clock to catch the current time and kindly ask the user to share their location. This is vital to provide the high-standard weather forecast.

  • I got the forecast, and after few hours it proved to be wrong. Why?

    Such a thing as 100% accurate weather forecast does not exist at the current level of geographical knowledge and data science. We can speak only about some level of probability of certain weather conditions to occur. However, the less time in the future, the more accurate the forecast. The most accurate "forecast" is the historical data about the past weather. Moreover, forecasts are much more accurate for well-developed areas like big cities, because of large amount of climate data collection points.